Aspendos Amphitheatre

This immaculately preserved Amphitheatre is an awe inspiring window into the incredible Roman era.


Timotei Waterfall

Named after the famous advert that was filmed here, these beautiful waterfalls are situated in serene and perfectly kept surroundings.


Roman Cities

Explore Authentic and untouched Roman cities without ever seeing a another Tourist. You will regularly stumble over unfound antiquities.


Hip-Notics Cable

Situated just minutes away from this world class cable park, an afternoons wakeboarding is excellent fun and great for teenagers.


White Water Rafting

Just over the road is a route into the magnificant Taurus mountains. White water rafting is a excellent way to appreciate the spectacular scenery!


Antalya City

Antalya isn't just host to excellent shopping centers, nightlife and food. The old town and harbour is a lovely taste of the city's extensive history.